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Written from June 2012 to January 2013. Recorded on and off April-August 2013. Thanks to Chris Teti for putting up with our shit (and producing), Colin Kupson and Dan Manning for listening to every update on the condition of this album, and our parents for driving us everywhere when we couldn't drive.


released October 23, 2013

Caleb Thomas - Drums
Andres Gonzalez - Guitar/Bass/Vocals/
Colin Kupson - Backup vocals on track #1
Christopher Teti - Production
Dan Coutant - Mastering
Kai Lumbang - Artwork/logo design
Julia Starzef - Lyrics for track #1

Recorded at Silver Bullet Studios
Mastered at Sun Room Audio

All songs written & performed by The Active Ingredients



all rights reserved


The Active Ingredients Hamden, Connecticut

two-piece emo/punk from Hamden, CT.
"Aim towards the face"

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Track Name: Strikings
I don't miss what I never had, knock my teeth in with a baseball bat

I don't want to miss a thing

I don't miss what I never had, faces locked behind the photographs
Track Name: Ahhhhh (Dinosaur Book)
Your jokes aren’t funny
Your stupid nose is running
Better go catch it!

I found out this morning
Warnings are boring
Adventures in my backyard!

It’s waaaaaaaarm outsiiiiiiide
Don’t melt my ice creammmm
Like my priiiiiiiiide

Don’t let it fall on the ground!

Don’t tell me you’re crazy
My memories of you are hazy
Back in middle school!

I probably won’t see you again
But part of me still thinks of back then
Back when I was uglier
Than I am now
Track Name: Year of the Ghost
You looked so good from outside
From my safe place to hide
You turned into a monster!

I, I was sick of ordinary folks you see
I was sick of ordinary folks like me
I was dumb! I was young!

That day, I learned something so true
Even normal people look like you
When they’re scared! When our skin is bare!

Time seemed like a vision
People came and went like ghosts.
Walking through the walls I’d put up,
Around me, to protect me.
Whenever they come near, I just feel more alone!
Track Name: Grandma Death
Hey, did you ever think that life’s around the bend
No graduation, in the end
Hey, did you ever think you’d lose the ones you care about
You used to snore in your sleep, in your bed you used to shout,
I’m happy here

In my own bed
With all my friends,
The ones I hate, the ones that drive Mercedes Benz
The ones I love, and the ones didn’t think to find
The ones I slept with, and then I left them all behind!

Dude, I’ll never find a girl like that again
Now I’m stuck watching her go out with all my friends
Oh, will I ever not get bored with what’s around me
I don’t really think so, you see

I have mixed feelings

In case you couldn’t tell
I love my little living hell
The one I cherished, the tree that I learned how to fell
I don’t think I’m leaving just yet
Give it a year or two and I’ll bet
I won’t feel sorry
I won’t feel anything at all
Track Name: Samaria
Don’t prolong your agony
Bandage up your nose already
Take your rage, and put it to some use
Build up a pile of leaves
Ready to become a hurricane among the huts

And I will go
I will go
I will stand among your wreckage
I will go
I will go
Unless I stay

Get ready to move again
Say bye to your friends again
They only liked you for your jokes
So take your backpack and your songs
They’re all you’ve got when you’re spiritually broke

So I will stay
I will stay
I will stand among your wreckage
I will stay
I will stay
With you lying in the roadside
I will wish
I had done
A little more to win your trust
So I will stay
I will stay
Track Name: Illuminati Gang Signs
Open up gentle sky
There’s no witnesses around tonight

Embers feel right
Wash away the year outside

I am a stone in your way
If I had legs I’d move myself away

Every time they speak
I feel like such a failure in their sight!
They’re waiting for a miracle
But thinking it’s the sunrise after night!

You must be just out of sight
But I’m tired of turning corners left and right

Let me be the first
To mean everything to you
But sometimes everything feels wrong
When I open your door
And if you call my name
Will I feel calm?
Track Name: John Doe
Torn asunder
Brutal waves of hope
Dissolve as soon as they
Hit the ground

I hope I made, a dent in you
I hope you paused, if only for a second glance
I am not a shade!
I am not ephemeral!

New faces abound
Disappear as I reach out to them
Laugh as I fall through
Laugh as you move just out of reach of me.

Faces strewn across my floor
Names that make no sense anymore!
I’ve been a ghost since I was five,
No one told me I had died.
Track Name: Pier Pressure
What did you do to deserve these words?
How did your name become everything I heard
That day?

I haven’t looked back since the moment you said sorry to me.
I still have a lot of uncertainties about how I’m perceived.
I just wish that you’d see me the way I see you
Just as tall and just as old.

You all looked so cool, I thought that you would like me.
I thought I could fit into your jeans.

I don’t have much more to say; just I’m sick of always
Being second best.
I guess I’ll stop being so vague; I want this paranoia off my chest.
How do you want me to act? Like I don’t care at all.
What do you want from me now? Pass the bowl around!

My eyes are open wide! My legs are caught in moving tides!